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2 Keys to Optimizing CRM for Your Organization

When implementing a new CRM system, the same questions always seem to arise. First and foremost clients want to know: “What type of staffing resources do I need to manage my new system?”  That question is almost always followed by: “What skills are necessary for an administrator to succeed?”   Optimization for your company Obviously, […]

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How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Improve Member Engagement

Is your organization feeling squeezed as you look for association management solutions that fit your unique requirements? Most Association Management Systems (AMS) have either too much or too little functionality requiring extensive customization or lacking the flexibility to meet an association's specific needs. BroadPoint Technologies recently presented an informational webinar to discuss how associations are […]

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xRM: Extending the Scope of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Before delving into the details of xRM and how to put it to work for your organization, it’s important for establish a common definition. According to Wikipedia, xRM is a strategy that takes CRM one step further, focusing on managing all relationships – not just those with customers. With that, let’s now take a look […]

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CRM for Associations: A New Era in Member Engagement and Revenue Generation

Associations of all sizes are struggling to find new revenue streams and better connect with their members. In fact, many associations are looking beyond the traditional AMS (Association Membership Management) systems for sales, marketing, and service management and in favor of a “CRM for Associations” solution to centralize their marketing, lead, opportunity, and service management […]

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Dynamics CRM: Bringing the Cloud to You

In order for the mass transition to cloud computing to occur, it’s imperative that CIO’s get comfortable with the security surrounding this new form of IT. After learning about the security safeguards in place, CIO’s won’t be as apprehensive when starting the transition from the traditional client/server model to the cloud. All you need to […]

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Why are NFP Organizations Replacing iMIS with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

As not for profit organizations, including membership, educational, and mission based groups, learn more about Dynamics CRM, they are reevaluating their investment in iMIS association management solution. If you are currently using iMIS, you may want to consider Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an affordable constituent management solution.   Your employees and volunteers will get more done […]

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Dynamics CRM: An Innovative Solution for Union Staff And Members

With budgets remaining low, organizations and unions are under great pressure to find innovative solutions for automating vital processes, increasing staff productivity, and reducing IT cost. To meet these goals, unions are turning to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that centralizes data and processes for both staff and members.

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