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OmniVue's Logo Do You Know Who Your End Consumer Is? 3 Ways Microsoft CRM Can Help

If your business manufactures or distributes to retailers, other distributors, or anyone who isn’t the ultimate buyer, how do you ‘know your customer’? Having this information and being able to […]

Sikich's Logo Responding to Client Inquiries with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Managing your client base can be overwhelming at times. One of your clients may have questions about their recent order while another needs to be walked through your services from […]

Rimrock Corporation 's Logo How to Serve your Educated Client Base with CRM Software

In this day and age, customers are more informed than they ever have been. Long before making the commitment to buy a product, customers have done reading and online research […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo Build Customer Satisfaction Through Email Best Practices

Email marketing  is one of the most dependable ways to reach prospective customers and nurture existing relationships. But as email vendors improve their tactics and technology continues to progress, it […]

Rimrock Corporation 's Logo Keep Customer Service ‘Top of Mind’ with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A majority of the top eight customer management trends for 2010 emphasized customer service as the number one priority. This article, written by William Band, states that there are a rising number […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo Field Trip: Supporting Field Sales Success With Dynamics CRM

Today’s business buyers expect the sales person sitting across the desk to be able to access information about their account immediately.  Are your sales reps able to deliver? A few […]

Affiliated Resource Group's Logo Provide Better And More Cost Effective Customer Service With eService Accelerator

Time is money! This old axiom is well known in the business world and has always remained a core truth. Every time one of your customer service representatives picks up the phone and says, “How may I help you”, money is spent. It may be the 10 minutes on the phone collecting and documenting the issue(s) or answering simple questions or even documenting the answers for future use. The net result is that every time the phone rings your company spends money.

Sikich Boston's Logo Top 10 Reasons Why Leading Companies Worldwide Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM

From Joel Hatin, Dynamics Specialist, Altico Advisors Businesses today are working hard to do more with less. Can a software system really help?  Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers functionality to ease […]


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