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Webcast with CRM Expert Cheryl Balgley

Dynamics CRM  From the "Insiders" On April 23rd, NexusTek's webcast series featured Cheryl Balgley, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Acceleration Lead and Chris Corbett, Client Development Manager. Balgley's presentation brings the latest research and statistics on today's consumers' enterprise needs and where CRM fits into this rapidly changing picture. Consumer Behaviors and CRM Attendees were given current information […]

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Managed Solution Replacement in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 introduced the concept of solution management—packaging your customizations so they could easily be deployed to other environments. In CRM 2011, there are two types of solutions: Managed solutions, which prevent the solution from being modified in the environment to which it is imported, and unmanaged solutions, which allow for the solution […]

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