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Beringer Technology Group's Logo What's new for Power Pages in 2024 Release Wave 1?

    Power Pages is a great low-code service that people with wide-ranging skill sets can use to create external-facing websites. Let's take a look at what Microsoft has in […]

Beringer Technology Group's Logo Dynamics 365 and Power Automate Improve Efficiency and Productivity

    Streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity are crucial in world of business of today. Dynamics 365, combined with Power Automate, offers a solution for automating processes, eliminating manual tasks, […]

Inogic's Logo Microsoft Low Code, No Code Application Development - A game changer!

Digital transformation has become a buzzword in the business world! Companies regularly look for ways to streamline their processes, improve customer experiences, and stay competitive. This is where Microsoft Power […]

Beringer Technology Group's Logo Power Fx: low-code and friendly!

    If you've been keeping up with the sweeping changes happening around the Microsoft Power Platform, you're probably familiar with the term Power Fx.  It's mentioned throughout Microsoft's more […]

CongruentX's Logo PowerApps: Why is this a very important element for CRMs?

PowerApps has become the most intelligent approach to increase business efficiency, engage customers, manage projects, or accomplish anything in business. Businesses realize that it is no longer difficult to create software […]


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