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Life After Leads: How to Grow your Customer Base

MS Dynamics 365 for Sales vs Salesforce | Learn more about Dynamics 365 for Sales features Continuing from our previous blog post, we’ll further discuss the process of capturing leads and how to develop them into potential customers. Now that you’ve established your workflow and have found some promising leads, the next step towards gaining new customers […]

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Gaining Sales with Email Functionality from Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

If you’re relying on an independent email marketing company, like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp to stay in contact with your customers, you probably have experienced some drawbacks. Marketers looking for a better way to nurture leads and bring more prospects into the sales pipeline are making the move to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, which is […]

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A Lead Scoring Primer…The Precursor to Good Lead Management Process

When your company is ready to dip its toe into the lead management/marketing automation realm, one of the key decision points you will reach is "do we implement an automated lead scoring model?".  Part of the reason this is a key decision point is because marketing automation and lead management solutions, like SalesFUSION, are a […]

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New EU Cookie Legislation Points to Importance of Lead Capture Forms

Last year the the Council of the European Union approved new legislation that would require web users to consent to internet cookies, including the first-party cookies that are often deployed by the demand and marketing automation software vendors such as SalesFUSION, as part of their website visitor tracking software.  This type of software is designed […]

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Email Marketing’s Evolution From Blast To Nurture

The landscape in email marketing has changed. Gone are the days of disconnected bulk email marketing. Today, companies look to lead nurturing as the way forward for increasing lead conversions and integrating email marketing into their Dynamics CRM.

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