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4 Ways Dynamics 365 Shortens Sales Cycles

For most businesses, the primary driver behind using a CRM is to drive sales to your business.  Dynamics 365, from Microsoft, allows you to shorten your sales cycle, leading to more sales and higher revenue. We have identified four of the top ways Dynamics 365 shortens sales cycles and accelerate your sales.   1 – Effective Management of contacts, […]

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Stronger Engagement Through Lead Tracking

Generating leads and acquiring new customers is the lifeblood of every organization. Many organizations believe that satisfied customers and referrals are their best sources of leads. That’s certainly a sound principle and something to strive for but unless you’re measuring and tracking where your leads are coming from, this belief is anecdotal and little more […]

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Quelques questions à se poser avant d’implanter le module de marketing de Dynamics CRM

Une fois que tous les comptes et contacts de votre organisation ont été entrés dans Dynamics CRM, il est temps de tirer profit de ce système et d’en apprendre plus sur les habitudes de consommation de vos clients et prospects, et ainsi éviter que votre application CRM ne se réduise qu’à un carnet d’adresses de […]

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Questions to Ask Before Implementing the Marketing Module in Dynamics CRM

Once your organization has entered all of its accounts and contacts into Dynamics CRM, it is time to leverage the capabilities of this system to learn more about the buying habits of your clients and prospects to ensure that your CRM application doesn’t just become a fancy rolodex. The marketing module has a variety of […]

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