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Inogic's Logo Qualify and convert leads to opportunities smartly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation!

Leads are the focal point of Sales. Without Leads, there are no Sales. But even in this age of automation, you will still find that a majority of sales and […]

Inogic's Logo Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Lead/Case Assignment Automation Rules - Best Practices and Tricks!

Businesses revolve around Sales. That is why Leads are precious because only a fraction of them are converted into sales. And one of the challenges that organizations face in lead […]

Inogic's Logo No more backlogs while assigning leads in Dynamics 365 CRM - Handle Vacation with Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation!

It is the day and age of Automation! So, it’s hardly surprising that a major portion of recurring and mundane daily CRM processes are automated to conserve time and improve […]

Inogic's Logo Webinar: Bridge the gap between Leads and Sales by automating Dynamics 365 CRM Lead assignment!

Most of you would be well acquainted with the following phrase - The early bird catches the worm. This phrase aptly defines the work culture of salespersons across the world […]

Inogic's Logo Get higher ROI by automating assignment of Dynamics 365 CRM Leads/Cases using Round Robin or Capacity Algorithm

A Preferred app on Microsoft AppSource, Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation is the apt app to systematically distribute or assign Leads (or any other entity records) recorded in Dynamics 365 […]

Inogic's Logo An App to Automate Lead Assignment in Dynamics 365 CRM using Round Robin Algorithm

Assigning or allotting Leads to respective sales professionals is a very important task. This task, if not handled properly will result in loss of potential clientele which will eventually lead […]


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