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Quelques questions à se poser avant d’implanter le module de service de Dynamics CRM

Le service à la clientèle est un élément essentiel de toute entreprise, puisque les clients s’attendent à avoir des réponses rapides à leurs questions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM a élargi son offre avec de nouveaux outils de gestion et de planification du service à la clientèle pour justement vous permettre de dépasser les attentes de vos […]

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Questions to Ask before Implementing the Service Module in Dynamics CRM

Customer service is an essential piece to any business. Customers want prompt answers to their questions, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM has added even more customer service management and scheduling tools to their offering to ensure that you can go above and beyond your customers’ expectations. By using the service module with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you […]

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Lost But Not Forgotten – Dynamics CRM Knowledge Base Articles

Everyone has probably heard the expression that your employees are your most valuable asset. It’s easy to make that argument when you stop and try to quantify the value of the knowledge about your business and its products a few long term employees have. A great way to document and share that experience with other […]

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