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Velosio's Logo What Does Dynamics 365 Mean for Dynamics CRM Users?

Microsoft is buzzing about their just-released, Azure-enabled, packaged business solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365.  As a Dynamics CRM User, there is a lot about Dynamics 365 that you should know – […]

Velosio's Logo CRM Transforms Your SEO Leads into Sales

Integration of your CRM system and Search Engine Optimization can take your business prospects and turn them into leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about driving traffic on the […]

Velosio's Logo How CRM Changes the Game for Pipeline Management

One of the core benefits to using CRM systems is pipeline management. Effective pipeline management can help forecast product demand, accelerate sales, and improve customer experiences. There are several key […]

Velosio's Logo Buyers Involving Sales People Later in New Buying Cycle

It’s true when they say “the only constant in life is change.” This applies to every aspect of business including when it comes to your sales cycle. Consumers today have […]

Velosio's Logo Improve Your B2B Sales Cycle with CPQ

CPQ, or Configure/Price/Quote solutions, is a software that enables your sales channels to sell more, in larger quantities, and from virtually anywhere. CPQ solutions help sales operations within your organization […]

Velosio's Logo Improve Revenue with Better Visibility to Lead Stages

As the buying process adapts to meet changing technology, consumers today are spending more and more time interacting with marketing. This places a heavy burden on your marketing team as […]

Velosio's Logo Don’t Get Left Out of the Loop – Get Into the New Sales Cycle

Now more than ever, the customer has the power in their buying cycle. With a limitless supply of information and digital media platforms available to them, they are empowered to […]

Velosio's Logo How CRM Helps Marketers Make Sense of Big Data

The problem with business data today is that it’s big – and it’s getting bigger.  According to an article on the Huffington Post by BrightEdge CEO and Founder, Jim Yu, […]

Velosio's Logo New Integration Option for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with SYSPRO

SYSPRO, an ERP software vendor, announced that they have become a reselling partner of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and that they have an integration path to create a total business solution […]

Velosio's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Oracle: According to the Analysts

Several times a year, leading analysts at organizations like Gartner and Forrester release their comparative studies of all customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions in a particular market segment.  In […]


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