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Connecting Software's Logo Software Integration Evolution: Challenges of the Past, Present, and Future

Look at the successful enterprises around you. Don’t they all depend heavily on underlying software applications? The problem is that, as time goes by, enterprises invariably end up with software […]

Connecting Software's Logo Infographics: Learn How Huge the IT System Integration Costs Are Worldwide

In this day and age, it is not surprising that businesses around the world spend trillions of dollars on IT each year. But did you know a significant part of […]

Connecting Software's Logo How to Make an API Gateway Work to Your Advantage as a CRM Admin

  First things first: What is an API gateway? To get to what an API gateway is, we have to start with what an API is. But don’t worry: this […]

Connecting Software's Logo Using Linked Server to Connect Dynamics with your SQL Server Databases

Isn't it is sometimes frustrating to have data that would be interesting for CRM purposes, but that is not inside Dynamics. It is even more frustrating if the data happens […]

Connecting Software's Logo Post-COVID Digital Trust in CRM: How To Keep Integrity of Your Documents

Since the start of COVID-19 and its quick spread around the world, organizations have been under pressure to reconsider their workflow, including customer relationship management. It has become evident that […]


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