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How to Tell If Your Sales and Marketing System Is Working

The Monday after Thanksgiving is called Cyber Monday, and it’s perhaps the busiest on-line shopping day of the year. However, for me it is also a day when our phones start ringing off the hook with an all too familiar prospective client lament. The message – can you help us pull together our data for […]

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Exciting New Videos Show How MarketingPilot Boosts Your Marketing Productivity and Effectiveness

In June I wrote a blog entitled, “Take the Guesswork out of Marketing with MarketingPilot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM” that gave an overview of MarketingPilot, introduced a few of its features, and discussed integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  If you missed it don’t worry, you can catch up here.  At the end of that post, […]

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Take the Guesswork out of Marketing with MarketingPilot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Late last year, Microsoft announced the acquisition of MarketingPilot. If you’re not familiar with it, MarketingPilot is a company that’s made a name for itself in the marketing automation industry, having been called the “mid-range market leader” by research firm, Gartner.  Its integrated marketing service provides insight from the customer perspective to help marketers strategize […]

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Three Reasons CRM Software Should Be On Your Wish List

More and more businesses are planning to implement customer relationship management (CRM) software this year according to a recent Gartner survey ( Reasons for using CRM solutions point to the need to find new prospects and generate loyalty with existing customers.  According to Gartner, mobility is another driving factor for CRM spending.  This survey finding […]

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Success Story – How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Pulled Sales and Marketing Together for a Large Professional Services Firm

Our client, a consulting and professional services firm with offices across the US and all over the world, had a business development department that was buried in administrative responsibilities.  Their team was responsible for preparing proposals requested from management or individual associates in the firm.  They were also responsible for the direct marketing efforts to […]

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