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Want CRM Success? Serve the Servants First!

  Imagine this:   You’re the owner or manager of a small business. You’re facing mounting competitive pressures and shrinking margins. Differentiation has become harder and harder because your competitors are one click away on the Internet.   You need to create consistent, high-quality experiences to keep prospects and customers coming back for more.   […]

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Updating Your Sales Operations, Upgrading Your Business, With Dynamics CRM

Are you running your sales operation with yesterday's technology or no technology? You might be if your customer-and-prospect database is nothing more than a hodgepodge of business cards, scattered notes (some on napkins), an overloaded Outlook Inbox, and an untrusted mismanaged data-base management system. If you cannot easily find your contact information, appointments, up-to-date sales-team […]

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Turn your One-Sided CRM Solution into Customer Focused

A common critique of customer relationship management (CRM) programs is that the software can lead a company to become very one-sided.  The software can collect data and provide insight; however the results are often slanted toward the best interest of the business, and not the customer.  This may actually cause you to lose a good […]

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