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Sales secrets buried in Dynamics

Sales, as the inimitable Alec Baldwin said in Glengarry Glen Ross, is a tough racket. It’s about finding the right customers, and finding them before the competition does. And the sales rep who uses all Dynamics has to offer natively — and extends it with the right applications and tools — has a huge advantage […]

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What do Sales Leads, Gold, and a Bald Guy Have in Common?

One of my all-time favourite movies is Glengarry Glen Ross. My favorite scene is when Alec Baldwin, playing the part of a hotshot executive “on a mission of mercy,” bursts into the sales office like a demented tractor, crushing the hapless salespeople’s self-esteem and confidence with reckless abandon. He ends his tirade by offering the […]

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Stop Losing Leads! P.1 – Attract and Retain Customers

Part 1 – Attracting Leads Most companies are unaware of the number of prospective customers they lose every single day. From your website’s inability to convert, to a lack of automated sales process, the negative affect of your current marketing practices on your business should shock you. Learn how to attract and retain customers, and […]

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Webinar: Have You Heard the Buzz Around Marketing Automation?

Today, customers are in control. But when they do interact with companies they expect more relevant, personal and timely communications than ever before. To deliver this more personalized experience, marketers must let consumer behavior be their guide and they must embrace marketing automation in order to do so efficiently. Join us on May 23 for […]

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