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Direct Sales IT Leaders: These 2 Tools Will Help Your Sales Leaders Increase Distributor Performance

Every IT leader has felt pressure from the sales organization to produce tools that will increase sales.   This group is sometimes the hardest to serve - their requests are usually tinged with urgency, and their willingness to spend time with you designing solutions is sometimes limited. .   . And there's the fact that […]

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Infographic: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Plan 1

If you are considering Microsoft Dynamics 365 and comparing this to competitor systems, it's important to know what services are included. Plan 1 for Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition is the most popular choice and in this post we've listed the most important components to help you assess its full value! We believe no other solution matches […]

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The many functionalities of Editable Grids in Dynamics 365!

  Let's hear it for Microsoft for listening to its users! Editable Grids have been one of the most requested features over the last several iterations of Dynamics CRM. There have been several add-ons for Dynamics CRM to add this functionality; however, they were usually either very expensive or underpowered.  The first editable grid solution came with […]

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