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9 Reasons to Replace Your Excel Spreadsheets with CRM

Some B2B companies run their sales-and-marketing activities with Excel because it is easy to use and well known by employees. However, to more efficiently manage and profitably use data, other B2Bs use relational-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management). A CRM consists of a database and a user-interface with which you can easily create, update, manage, process, […]

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Top 6 Most Popular CRM Blog Posts by Turnkey Technologies, Inc. in 2012

“Men at some time are masters of their fates” – William Shakespeare  Turnkey Technologies, Inc. has enjoyed sharing great information and insights about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM Software on the CRM in 2012.  The main purpose has always been to inform the reader, give a unique point of view regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM […]

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Remember Two Important Truths When Searching for CRM Software

A purchase of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a very valuable investment in the success of your company; which is all the more reason you take things slowly and deliberately. While researching CRM software, you need to take into consideration two important truths: 1. Know your business and 2. Know your expectations. Purchasing CRM […]

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Three Initial Questions To Ask When Selecting a CRM Solution

With over 800 CRM software vendors, choosing a CRM solution can seem a bit overwhelming. But thankfully there are steps, considerations, and questions that can help you break down the selection phase and pinpoint the right solution for you. At first, you will want to look at your company to evaluate where you begin in the […]

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Dynamics CRM Fits the Bill for Productivity, Security, and Reliability

Companies investing in CRM solutions should focus on the tangible benefits they receive such as improved user productivity, enhanced customer service delivery, and integrations to current systems. In their research, organizations must determine which CRM providers are contenders and which are pretenders in order to find the solution that best fits their requirements.  Benefits for […]

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What’s Your Sign? How to Find a CRM Solution and Provider That are Compatible With You.

When I pull up the internet, my homepage has a link to my daily horoscope.  I look to the left and then the right to be sure my dogs aren’t watching me and quickly click to what it says. After all, today just might be my lucky day and I don’t even know it.  Shucks…it’s not […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM: The Environmentally-Friendly Application

When people think of CRM systems, the first thoughts that usually pop into their minds might revolve around customer relationships, cost savings, or technological capabilities.  However, there is another benefit that is often overlooked, and that involves caring for the environment.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM preserves one of nature’s most precious commodities: trees.  It does so […]

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xRM: Your Guidebook to Finding the Right CRM Solution

Figuring out whether to purchase or build from scratch an enterprise business application is a decision that many companies have faced. Thankfully, that decision has been made easier with the introduction of the Microsoft xRM application platform. With the xRm application platform, your company will now get to enjoy the best of both options. When […]

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Dynamics CRM: Improving Customer Relationships in an Over-Connected World

With a fast evolving market, businesses are expected to keep up with all their customers’ needs.  How are you supposed to keep up when there are new channels popping up every day? While your customers are more connected, they may not want to be contacted through all those channels.  The problem now becomes the experience […]

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your CRM?

There are so many capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM that provide benefits which have a direct impact on a company’s profitability.  What are these benefits, and how can your company ensure it recognizes these benefits? Microsoft commissioned Forrester to complete a study on The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.   The study is […]

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