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enCloud9 Helps Companies Return to Work Safely

We all want to get back to work and back together safely. enCloud9 can help you return to work safely and with confidence. Microsoft recently released a Power Platform based solution aimed at helping organizations bring employees back to work safely. The Return to Workplace solution streamlines workplace safety across your organization. The solution not […]

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June 2020 Webinar – Credit Card Processing using Dynamics 365

[Webinar] June 2020 - Credit Card Processing using Dynamics 365 Being able to accept credit card payments from your clients is a great way to increase cash flow and client satisfaction. Join enCloud9 and iPayments on June 19 to learn about credit card processing using Dynamics 365 and to see how easy it is to add […]

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May 2020 Webinar – SMS Messaging in Dynamics 365

Why text your clients? Brian Begley of enCloud9 started the webinar by giving some reasons you need to text your customers, as well as giving some tips for effective SMS messages. He then gave a few scenarios in which you might want to text your customers rather than send them an email. There are a […]

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Dynamics 365 and the Customer Buying Journey

Understanding your customer and where they are at in the customer buying journey allows you to make the best possible decisions on how to proceed with an opportunity or lead.  It also ensures that your marketing strategy addresses each stage which in turn leads to a higher conversion rate and long-term customer loyalty. Many sales deals […]

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13 Signs that Your CRM Sucks!

So you think your CRM sucks? If you think your CRM sucks, then it probably does. Our nine years of experience with Dynamics 365 has shown us more sucky CRMs than you would believe. We've compiled a list of some of the worst problems that we've fixed for our clients. You built it yourself! Home-Brewed […]

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11 Benefits to Outsourcing your Dynamics 365 CRM Administration

What is a Dynamics 365 CRM administrator? Before you can think about whether your business needs a CRM administrator, the role of a CRM administrator needs to be defined. Basically, a CRM administrator is responsible for bridging the gap between a company's  CRM system and its users, making sure everyone knows how to use the CRM system AND Making sure that […]

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10 Reasons Microsoft Dynamics 365 wins out over Salesforce

Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Which is the better choice of CRM solutions? When choosing a Customer Engagement solution for your organization, the options are more and more focused on two choices - Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce. Both are mature solutions and recognized market and feature leaders. Having assisted dozens of clients make […]

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New Free Add-On for Dynamics 365: Coaching

What is Coaching? Coaching is a free add-on for Dynamics 365 or CRM Online available to install from the Dynamics Marketplace.  Coaching enables organizations to quickly onboard new employees by combining two popular Dynamics 365 features, Business Process Flows and the Knowledgebase. Business Process Flows (BPF)  are a great method for giving structure to business […]

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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a smart investment for accounting firms.- May 4

Did you know that Accounting firms were among the first businesses to use computers?  Well, that certainly makes sense because what computers do best is crunch numbers!  Although accounting firms can greatly benefit from using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (Customer Relationship Management), unfortunately, many do not utilize this great solution.  Many accounting firms that have […]

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Quicktip: How to stop annoying pop-ups in Dynamics 365 CRM

With the release of Dynamics 365, came many new great features.  We have the ability to do things now that we couldn't previously do.  Unfortunately, along with all the newfangled abilities, came something not so wanted....pop ups. It seems that Internet Explorer is randomly redirecting to Every few seconds or so, a pop up or new […]

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