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How Dynamics CRM Helps a Christmas Tree Broker Enjoy the Holiday Season

The holiday season can make or break any distribution business, but a company that distributes Christmas trees has even more pressure to perform. One of our Dynamics CRM clients is a Christmas tree broker. They need to manage the relationships between farms, trees, truck distributors, retail locations and orders. And they need this information quickly […]

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How to Do Complex Inline Calculations Inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Can you easily perform pricing calculations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? You likely have your own quoting process. Often the pricing and quality calculations are done in Microsoft Excel, or on a calculator. Then the final number is entered on a quote form in Dynamics CRM to be sent out and tracked. But what if someone […]

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How a Distributor Improved the Quoting Process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

How do you prepare quotes? It seems that every company has their own unique way of calculating and preparing quotes. The EditAble CRM Grid tool makes it easier to mold the quoting process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the way you do business. Out of the box, quoting capabilities within Dynamics CRM are regimented. You […]

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How to Update Dynamics CRM As Easily As An Excel Document

Does your sales love using Microsoft Excel? Microsoft Excel has been used by salespeople for years to track sales pipelines and forecasts. But many  organizations  will decide to implement a CRM system to have better visibility into pipeline and opportunity management during the sales process, across the entire company and including multiple sales reps and […]

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How to Make Dynamics CRM So Easy Even Your Star Salesman Will Use It

Salespeople want to sell, not update records. Every minute spent updating their CRM system is time they could have been out selling. User adoption is one of the toughest challenges in implementing a CRM system. And usually the star salesman (or woman) is one of the biggest culprits, because they know that even if they […]

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4 Key Metrics Every Sales Manager Should Track in Dynamics CRM

In my career, I have managed many sales teams. I know the data that needs to be tracked by a sales manager. And now that I implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM, I know how it can be tracked and reported on. When I was a sales manager and I walked into my team’s weekly sales meeting, […]

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Examples of Grouping Information and Records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM holds a tremendous amount of information; but it is even more powerful when that information can be easily organized and grouped in the way you want to see it.  Out of the box you are somewhat limited with what is available in Dynamics CRM as everything is shown in a list format. […]

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