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What Can You Do with MS Dynamics CRM on Your Phone & Tablet? That’s the Question!

Every day, we are approached with the question: “So, what can the app do?” (referring to Resco’s mobile CRM client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM) And it’s hard for us to spill the answer in one breath – there’s just so much to talk about. It’s not a question of 2-3 benefits, there are hundreds of […]

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Dynamics CRM 2013 – How to Change a business process: Free eBook

One of the many new exiting feature in Dynamics CRM 2013 is the ability to configure consistent business process that will allow users to follow best practices and common steps in their daily work.   Business processes can be used to support a step by step approach providing guidance to the user while he completes […]

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What’s changed in Dynamics CRM 2013: Free eBook

You've heard a lot about CRM 2013, but have you had the chance to take a closer look?     Microsoft has drastically changed the way we will work in Dynamics CRM;  the user experience is greatly enhanced as major improvements are now available for the benefit of all. Find out about the changes and […]

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