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When considering whether and how to use CRM, a tailored Dynamics 365 demo with specialist CRM consultants can save you hours. Demos can be helpful if you are assessing whether to adopt Dynamics 365, or if you are already using the technology but wish to adapt additional applications now or in the future. A demo […]

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Your CRM System – Nemesis or Ally?

As salespeople, we need to use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to ensure adequate lead capturing, follow up and nurturing – crucial aspects that have led to many celebrated deal closures and pats on the back for me and my sales comrades. Most CRM systems perform the task of relationship management very well. The […]

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Dynamics CRM 2015 for Manufacturers – What’s in it for You

Apart from creating top quality products, manufacturers can gain a competitive edge by providing excellent customer support. Connecting departments via a centralized system is key to delivering a consistent customer experience that helps retain existing clients and discover new ones. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is highly relevant for manufacturers and delivers best in-class tools […]

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How Easy Is It to Learn to Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Reflections from a New Marketing Associate

When you first start a new job, there is a lot of information thrown at you. New paperwork, desk location, usernames, passwords, documents, processes, and on top of all of that, you also have to learn a whole new computer system to make all of this information useful. How am I supposed to completely learn […]

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Driving Productivity through Dynamics CRM Online

Most businesses today recognize the significance of CRM software to achieve marketing, sales and service excellence. Shifts in customer attitudes and a dynamic operating environment have compelled organizations to invest in CRM software to deepen their understanding of customers and engage with them more meaningfully. Implementing and using CRM software enables enterprises to benefit in […]

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Synchronize Google Contacts with Dynamics CRM

Never manually copy your Google contacts into Dynamics CRM again! Centralizing your customer history into CRM gives you the ability to track customer interactions, gauge marketing campaigns and fuel analysis. However, tracking customer information across your social, accounting and ERP systems often requires rekeying data from these sources into CRM. With the CData SSIS components, […]

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Well-Executed Follow-ups with Dynamics CRM

CRM for Success is the monthly webinar series that we kicked off for 2014. This series is exclusively for CEOs, CMOs, and CSOs. Each month we will provide you with the management insight necessary for maximizing the expected benefits of CRM. We stay on-point and keep the sessions short. CRM for Success is offered every […]

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Retain Customers with CRM2Emails and Constant Contact

We are very excited to announce the release of the updated CRM2Emails. CRM2Emails offers organizations that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM the opportunity to have seamless Email Marketing capabilities.  CRM2Emails is designed specifically to work with Constant Contact®, a recognized leader in Email Marketing. “The update of CRM2Emails continues to bridge the gap between Constant Contact […]

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Why Upgrade Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software? My Top 3 Reasons

#1 – Monetary Investment You made a significant investment in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system because you recognized not just the need for a system to manage your sales, marketing and service, but also because you recognized the value. Now, you own it. Just like you own a home. I’m a homeowner and I can […]

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Good Data Hygiene Leads to Healthy & Profitable Client Relationships

In working with a client recently on their organization-wide CRM strategy, we were discussing the goals and objectives for the project, and one of the Directors mentioned her goal was to instill better "Data Hygiene" across the organization.  As she said it, I thought it really encapsulated what many organizations are working to improve on, and establish best practices around, to improve their overall business. Although […]

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