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Save Time and Increase Productivity with the MS Dynamics CRM Automated Reporting Feature

Have you found yourself arriving at a meeting only to realize you forgot to run a CRM report that was critical to the discussion? How many times have you had to remind someone to run their daily, weekly, or monthly CRM reports? We’ve all been there, and these tedious and time consuming reminders can hinder […]

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Lean Techniques for Defining CRM Goals

What business challenge will your investment in CRM address? Is there a specific business pain which is impacting your bottom line?  Is there a specific business opportunity you want to pursue? Start with no more than ONE or TWO! Too often we meet customers who fail to realize benefits because they bite off more than […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions: CRM Intelligence and Marketing Automation under One Roof

Marketers utilize a multitude of comprehensive and intelligent tools and software applications intended to enhance marketing automation processes, gather market intelligence, increase lead generation, and in general optimize, monitor, and measure marketing ROI. The rise of the Internet has brought along new channels through which to communicate and interact with consumers, and at the same […]

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Should I Upgrade to SQL 2012?

Microsoft recently released the latest version of SQL Server (“Denali”) 2012. With every new SQL Server release, hundreds of new features and improvements are added, and this is a major one! Enhancements can be found throughout the product, across all components including the Database Engine, Analysis Service, SSIS, Reporting and Master Data Services. Like previous […]

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Microsoft CRM case study – Hard Rock International

This short video is a case study that explores the improved efficiency in handling thousands of customer queries at Hard Rock Cafe as a result of implementing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. Hard Rock Cafe is a chain of 149 theme restaurants spread across 53 countries.

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Ten Tips To Ensure The Success Of Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Project – Right From The Very Start (Part 1)

Successful deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will have a positive impact throughout your business. But like any project, a bit of ground work right at the very beginning will help smooth the Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation process. Here are 10 tips to help you get it right.

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