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CRM Dynamics - An HSO Company's Logo Six reasons why Dynamics 365 is better than Salesforce for enterprise companies

The CRM field is shifting and Salesforce is no longer the only player in the game. In fact, many people today are suggesting that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is better than […]

Turnkey Technologies, Inc.'s Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Salesforce - 5 Reasons Why Dynamics is the Better Value

If it takes the average person 10 minutes to decide whether or not to buy a shirt (Skipton Building Society), then how long does it take the average business to pick […]

Crowe's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce: How Important is Analytics?

If analytics are important in guiding your business strategy, it’s critical that you understand the limitations that imposes on the export of data to Excel. Based on a proprietary […]

Crowe's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce: Can You Keep Salespeople Focused?

A recent study found that the typical sales person spends as little as 22% of their time actually selling. Imagine the sales results you could get if you cut back […]

Crowe's Logo Why Does Microsoft Dynamics CRM Beat

Are you comparing Microsoft Dynamics CRM versus SalesForce? Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the better investment, and we can prove it. In the new white paper “Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs […]

HSO's Logo 7 Reasons a Financial Services Firm Replaced Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Which CRM software is the better fit for a financial services company? Many organizations contemplate this question. The obvious answer is, it depends on your requirements and goals. Yet, […]

's Logo How to Journey Map a CRM Implementation From Sticky Notes to Success - Interview with Kelly Roofing Part 1

How did a stack of sticky notes and a President dedicated to innovation bring a small family owned company double digit growth and raving fans? That is the question answered […]


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