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The Better CRM: Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce? Forrester study says Dynamics 365.

The world of CRM is populated with all kinds of “solutions.” We use quotation marks here before many of these so-called customer relationship management “solutions” are anything but.   That said, there are only two real options for the vast majority of businesses: Salesforce or Dynamics 365. They’re both industry leaders, and they both have […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce: Is Cloud Always the Best Choice? is offered through the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) (aka Cloud) model, which means you pay a monthly fee to rent access to the application. There is no option for you to bring the application on-premises or into a hosted environment if your business requirements change. With the power of choice in deployment, Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows […]

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Microsoft plays nice in the CRM sandbox vs. Salesforce’s cut-throat approach

By Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors In May, Microsoft announced an agreement with Salesforce and many marveled that the two arch rivals could actually play nice in the CRM sandbox together. According to the press release: “… Microsoft Corp. and (NYSE:CRM) announced a strategic partnership to create new solutions that connect’s customer relationship […]

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Key Differentiators between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and

You’ve seen similar articles before, so I’m just going to touch on a few salient points. And it’s more about what doesn’t do, rather than an actual comparison of versus Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Like all journalists, I have vowed that my sources have the right to remain anonymous, especially since I just gathered […]

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I’ve been watching some of the recent Twitter posts about the purported shortcomings of versus Microsoft Dynamics CRM so I thought I’d share them as they appeared (without adding any personal commentary) with our CRM Software Blog readers. does not offer an on premises option.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers multiple deployment options. […]

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Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Is a Better Value Than

InterDyn – Remington Consulting was recently in a competitive bid against and we want to share some of our research on why we believe Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a better value.  In this particular situation, the customer was quoted the Professional edition of, which is currently priced at $65/user/month.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online […]

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Three Top Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Wins Over

When you’re in the market to buy a CRM solution, a quick rundown of benefits is ideal in order to start on the right path of your search. Microsoft came out with a CRM Online Service Update in November of 2009 that provides customers with concrete examples of why you get more value for less […]

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