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4 Insider Tips to Save Money on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

What is the most effective way to get trained on Microsoft Dynamics CRM without breaking the budget? Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now Microsoft Dynamics 365) users are presented with many options when it comes to training. Based on a few decades of experience in this area, here are my recommendation on how to get the best […]

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What CRM Won’t Do For You

  CRM can provide significant benefits to any sales-driven organization that’s focused on customer service. And it can have a profoundly positive impact on internal processes and performance, both individually and organizationally. Despite CRM’s inherent ability to boost profits and deliver insights, there are some things that CRM simply can’t do on its own. Time […]

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Dynamics CRM Online Spring Update: User Interface Changes

As you may already know, an update to Dynamics CRM Online was recently released. Spring 2015 update, as it’s officially called, brought with it some changes to the general user interface that users should be aware of. Though not drastic, they do affect how menu items look and where some commonly used functions are located. […]

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WebSan University Introduces Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training Courses!

Download a FREE CRM Demo WebSan Solutions is taking their Dynamics curriculum to the next level, by offering training in Dynamics CRM! We’ve received a lot of praise from the Dynamics community for our GP course catalogue, so we decided to create a CRM training catalogue. Our Learning Management System provides you with interactive material, […]

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Ten Top Tips to Ensure Your CRM Training is a Success

You can have the best CRM system, and have implemented it without any hiccups along the way, but if your end users are not engaged with CRM then you will have a poor adoption rate and your successful CRM investment can fail at the final hurdle. Here are our top ten tips for CRM training […]

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New CRM Software Certificate Program at the University of Washington features Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The University of Washington Professional & Continuing Education will be launching a new CRM Certificate program this fall. The program was developed by an advisory board consisting of industry leaders and professionals in conjunction with Professional & Continuing Education program staff. While the program is meant to be somewhat vendor agnostic, it does use Microsoft […]

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CRM Implementation: 7 Characteristics of a Good Training Plan

When it comes to planning a CRM implementation project, I have learned the importance of two things: 1) create and keep the project scope manageable, and 2) ensure adequate training for all users.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is fairly intuitive, especially for anyone that uses Microsoft Office (isn’t that everyone?).  Still, it’s important to invest […]

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How to Use Microsoft’s Big Easy Offer 2011 and Get Rebate Funds for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Here are some details on a great promotion from Microsoft for companies that are thinking about buying Microsoft Dynamics CRM licenses*, including a server license and user CALs.  As an example, when I ran the rebate calculator (link below) for a 5-user system of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the subsidy check would be $1,120.  If you redeemed that […]

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