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As Times Change, Take Another Look at Dynamics CRM Pricing

Wisdom sometimes finds a way to make worn-out phrases suddenly ring true. Depending on how long you’ve been walking around on this Earth, this one may or may not get a nod in agreement -- “The only constant is change.” It’s so true it’s repeated to the point of overuse, and yet, so many people […]

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Are You Tired of Your Current Customer Relationship Management Software?

Many companies invested in traditional CRM software, unaware of the additional benefits that can be gained with alternative CRM solutions.  Perhaps your company, like many others, is trying to make do with its old CRM software in an attempt to justify an unfortunate investment decision.  If this sounds familiar, then you’ve come to the right […]

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Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-premise or Online Right for You? 5 Key Questions …

Most businesses can benefit from using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, but many can take it a step further by taking advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-premise which supports CRM projects that are more technical and intricate.  There are five key questions you can use to evaluate your organization’s best option for a CRM implementation. Microsoft […]

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New Lower Dynamics CRM Pricing for Mobile Users

Microsoft has announced changes to Dynamics CRM pricing, which will be effective for the next release scheduled for  this fall. Some license prices went up, but there are new options that are less expensive than the old one price for all users. There are now three licensing options and each option will include the ability […]

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