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Dynamics CRM – Online Product Ordering Portal

Dynamics CRM - Online Product Ordering Portal – US$2,850 only Impressive product ordering portal with payment gateway. Try this template: Just US$2,850 fully configured Test Credit Card Account Number AMEX - 370000000000002    

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CRM Portal Shopping Cart with selectable views

Released. An updated free Wizard solution to configure CRM Portal Shopping Cart with users’ selectable views to filter products by groups like price, type, or any other attribute / field in the CRM OOB entity or customized products entity. FREE Shopping Cart Configuration Wizard OR Purchase CRM Portal Credit Card Payment Gateway Download:

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Shopping Cart for Dynamics CRM Portal with Payment Gateway

Offer products and services from any CRM entity for your clients to purchase from CRM Portal using Dynamics Shopping Cart module. Add items to basket, and proceed to Checkout for payment. Solution includes: CRM Shopping Cart Configuration Wizard (FREE) – Step by step Wizard to configure Dynamics CRM portal to display products or services as […]

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Microsoft CRM Voice of Customer integrated with Dynamics Portals

Microsoft CRM 2016 online comes with free Voice of the Customer survey to gain valuable feedback from your customers about the products and services your company provides. The survey solution is installed from Microsoft Office 365>Manage all CRM Online instances>Solutions. Dynamics Self-Service Customer portal comes with free integration to the Microsoft Survey. The Survey can […]

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Looking for Customer Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Complete Dynamics CRM Customer self-Service Portal Provide clients with a self-service customer portal to submit new cases, view the status and progress of cases managed in CRM, view orders and invoices, read knowledge-base articles and more. Host anywhere Dynamics Portal can be hosted on Azure or Microsoft Windows server with IIS. Easy to deploy and […]

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Dynamics CRM Portals – Design, Drag and Drop, Don’t Dig Deep on Development!

If you are reading this, you are likely responsible for your company’s Customer Relationship Management system, or consult with Dynamics CRM clients and prospects. You may have been considering: Ways to get more strategic value from Dynamics CRM Deploying Dynamics CRM portals Developing a responsive web experience, or even mobile apps for tablets and smartphones. […]

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