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New White Paper: CRM Is Not Just for Salespeople – It Is for Your Customers!

Why is it that some people think CRM is just for salespeople? After all, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. And when it comes to customers, there are many people in your company who interact on a daily basis with your customers. Certainly not just salespeople. To illustrate how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online works across […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Using Activities vs. Notes – Best Practice

In the last few months, I have conducted several Sales related training sessions where the number one topic is Activities vs. Notes in Dynamics CRM. Many of my recent implementation projects have been for clients who have no CRM system today and have been using tools like Excel to track their touch points with their […]

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How Dynamics CRM Online Helps You Connect With Customers

Connecting with customers is a major business challenge. How well do you know your customers? Today, information can make the difference when it comes to winning customers and keeping them. You probably have plenty of data, but the difficulty is often getting to that data and having the tools to use it to your advantage. […]

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6 Limitations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online You Need to Know Before You Buy

Every consumer should be an educated consumer. Deciding between Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online versus Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise is an important decision. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is an excellent option for many companies. But there are some limitations that may, or may not, be important to your organization. Here are 6 points you should consider before […]

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Which is Better, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or Salesforce?

We get the question all the time: “which is a better CRM, Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce?” Before I address this, I want to be fully transparent: our company sells Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and not Salesforce. But this will by no means be an article trouncing Salesforce. Far from it. What I will discuss amounts to […]

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Working with Data is Easy with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

One of the most ubiquitous business applications is Microsoft Excel. It’s practically synonymous with “spreadsheet” and the de-facto program almost everyone uses for data manipulation. If you’ve ever worked with it, then you’re already halfway to being an expert working with data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CRM users generally need to do three things with […]

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What Is a 360-degree View of Your Customer, Why You Need It, and Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM Is the Best Way to Get It

There’s an old expression that knowledge is power. In business, knowledge is much more than that. Properly harnessed and managed, knowledge makes money, saves time, strengthens relationships, and grows your business. And there is no better tool on the market to help you reap the benefits of knowledge than Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Having readily available […]

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Three New Features for Microsoft Social Engagement Drive Better Customer Interactions

Microsoft is rolling out an update 1.4 to its Social Engagement tool that integrates with Dynamics CRM. The update adds several key features  to Microsoft Social Engagement that Social Media Managers have been clamoring for as well as fixes to already existing capabilities. New feature 1 - Private messages via Twitter Let's say a client or customer starts a […]

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7 Small Business Best Practices in Microsoft Dynamics CRM [Infographic]

 Are you part of a small business? Does your company struggle to define points of emphasis when utilizing Dynamics CRM?   Download our latest Infographic: 7 Small Business Best Practices in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It's a quick overview of the areas you should be dedicating your time and resources to in Dynamics CRM that will produce […]

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9 Reasons to Consider CRM Online

If your company is researching CRM software solutions, no doubt on-premise vs. cloud deployment is a key question on your list. For good reason, this is a high priority debate among prospective CRM buyers. That is true because a case can be made for either type of deployment. Making technology investments for your company involves […]

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