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Aha Apps's Logo How Technology Can Help Meet Donor’s Expectations In A Nonprofit

One of the chief trials for running an effective nonprofit is when the donors look at the use of funds as a primary way to assess impact. While it is […]

Aha Apps's Logo Client Engagement In Nonprofits With Dynamics 365

It’s common knowledge that acquiring new clients are a strain on the pocket than keeping the existing ones. Therefore, it isn’t surprising at all that retaining existing clients, donors must […]

StratusLIVE's Logo Don’t Be Scared of Overhead: Why It’s Ok For Nonprofits to Spend on Technology and Fundraising Costs

Is your non-profit scared of overhead?  Does your board spend lots of time wringing its collective hands over whether you spent 14% or 17% on fundraising this year?  Do you […]

Crowe's Logo How a Busy Nonprofit Simplifies Data Entry in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Bridgespan Group is a nonprofit, working with nonprofits, that uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a non-traditional and very creative way. That means the less data entry the better. The […]

Crowe's Logo Why You Should Calculate Non-Billable Goodwill Activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Do you track non-billable "goodwill" activities done for your clients? Many organizations that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM track relationships with people and organizations that are not paying clients in the […]


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