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Why is Dynamics CRM For Government So Popular?

Dynamics CRM is not just for sales and marketing. A theme that was clear at Convergence 2015 is the growing popularity of Dynamics CRM in the Public Sector. For example, take a look at the visionary story of the Illinois Department of Corrections. There was also quite a bit of buzz around the new Microsoft […]

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Governmental Agencies as CRM Users: Citizen Relationship Management

Last time, we talked about schools turning to CRM software to manage recruitment, communication, and retention. Similarly, governmental agencies of all sizes are turning to CRM software to increase efficiency and productivity and to save tax dollars. For these users, CRM stands for Citizen Relationship Management. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is already in use at governmental […]

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Governments are More Tech-Savvy and Service-Oriented than Ever

 The service ecosystem in government is changing. Governments are becoming more tech-savvy and are more interested in having a consumer-friendly approach to dealing with constituents. Many of the routine tasks, (such as applying for permits), that used to involve long lines and complicated forms will now take place online in an environment that is very […]

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