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Dynamics CRM 2015 for Manufacturers – What’s in it for You?

Apart from creating top quality products, manufacturers can gain a competitive edge by providing excellent customer support. Connecting departments via a centralized system is key to delivering a consistent customer experience that helps retain existing clients and discover new ones. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is highly relevant for manufacturers and delivers best in-class tools […]

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Do You Provide a Customer Experience Worth Blogging About?

  Today I had to reorder a batch of buttons I had purchased 2 years ago. I remembered the website and found the old invoice in my email archive. But that was about it. I was honestly dreading the thought of starting the whole design and order process from scratch and considered just scraping the […]

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Better Customer Service with Self-Service Portal for Dynamics CRM 2011

In my previous post I explained the benefits, for organizations providing customer service, of using DotNetNuke free Community Edition, as customer a portal that connects to the Dynamics CRM service module. (Read here) In this post, I will go through the DNN2CRM service modules offered by DNNintegration, and discuss how the modules connect to CRM to create, edit, […]

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Get to Know Your Customers Well With CRM Software

You know you have customers, but how well do you know them?  You know they buy your products and services, but are you able to easily determine how much and how often?  Getting to know your customers well is not only good for customer service, it’s good for the bottom line. In order to learn […]

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Have You Started the Dialogue in CRM 2011?

Interactive Process Dialogs: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 expands its workflow capability by adding interactive dialog process. This functionality improves the user experience dramatically, by guiding the user in simple prompts for specific functions and CRM creates the specific entity record (lead, campaign response, account). Dialogs collect and process information by using step-by-step scripts to direct […]

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Add a Personal Touch to Relationship Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Managing relationships in life is a bit different fron managing relationships for business; you don’t need a software solution to help you keep track.  It’s those personal relationships that matter and that are more important, which make it easier to remember details about people and conversations.  Although different, your business relationships should still have that personal touch. […]

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Turn your One-Sided CRM Solution into Customer Focused

A common critique of customer relationship management (CRM) programs is that the software can lead a company to become very one-sided.  The software can collect data and provide insight; however the results are often slanted toward the best interest of the business, and not the customer.  This may actually cause you to lose a good […]

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Solve Problems and Improve Customer Service with Enhanced Customer Insight

You engage with your customers in a number of ways and those interactions provide important insight into how you should and shouldn’t do business.  In order to provide a superior experience for your customers, you want to make it easy for them to provide feedback, for you to quickly resolve problems when they arise, and to pay attention […]

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The Flow of Case Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As 2011 comes to a close and the New Year begins, many businesses think about their success or lack thereof and sharpen their focus to set goals for the coming year. Success for any business is usually defined by the success of their product or service in the marketplace and the relationships the business is […]

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Customer Loyalty Ranks High in Importance for Current State of Economy

CRM software will help your business drive up customer loyalty, which is important for companies with the state of the economy these days. People expect great customer service because they know if they can’t get it with you, they can get it elsewhere. Competition is fierce so make sure you serve your customers well.  Not […]

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