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CRM Software Optimized for Employee Benefits Brokers

As an employee benefits broker, have you searched without success for a CRM software solution that fits all of your needs? Have you found that the programs out there are inadequate to satisfy your business' unique methods, special terminology and responsibilities? Most out of the box systems cannot measure up because they are designed for […]

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Why You Should Stop Exporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM Records into Excel

All the information you need about your customers is in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so why do you still feel the need to export that information to Excel to use it? Perhaps because you want to: Update a large number of fields or records Sort and group information Perform calculations But exporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM information into Excel […]

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45 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-On Tools to Satisfy Every Wish List

At the 2014 Microsoft Dynamics CRM user event in St. Louis, CRMUG Summit, Darryl Henderson enthusiastically told me about some of his favorite add-on products for Dynamics CRM developed by his company Management Technology Consulting (MTC).   According to Darryl, MTC is the most prolific provider of add-on solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics Pinpoint Marketplace […]

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