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Watch a Demo of New Features in CRM 2015

Do you have 20 minutes for a quick primer on new features in CRM 2015? Both CRM 2013 and the Spring '14 introduced major shifts to the product, among the most notable being a completely refreshed user experience. The recent release of Dynamics CRM includes enhancements across marketing, sales and service with a focus on increasing collaboration across departments. Rather than pushing […]

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Dynamics CRM 2015 Let’s You “Drive” the Update Process

With Dynamics CRM 2015, you (or at least your CRM admin) will be in the driver’s seat. Microsoft calls this a customer-driven update since you “drive” the timing of the update to be the most suitable for your organization. What does that mean exactly and more importantly, wow will you get your hands on the exciting […]

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6 Sales-Driving Enhancements of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

As promised within their established bi-annual schedule, Microsoft recently announced the next big release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM software will be available December 2014. Sales, marketing and operational executives all over the world anticipate the arrival of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015! Ultimately, the goal of any CRM software is to increase sales revenue and speed up […]

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