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November 2020 webinar – On-Demand Microsoft Flow for Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

Join Brian Begley from enCloud9 as he discusses on-demand Microsoft Flow for Dynamics 365 and Power Apps   .

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October 2020 Webinar – Best New Features of the Dynamics 365 October 2020 Update

Join Brian Begley from enCloud9 as he discusses some of the new features to Dynamics 365 in the 2020 October update..

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2020 Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2 Offers Hundreds of New Features

  Microsoft's continues to invest in powering digital transformation to their customers and partners in the 2020 Dynamics 365 Release Yesterday, Microsoft published the 2020 Dynamics 365 release wave 2 plans for Dynamics 365, a compilation of new capabilities that will be released between October 2020 and March 2021. The release demonstrates Microsoft's continued investment […]

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3 Critical Considerations When Moving Your Legacy CRM to the Cloud

The growing trend toward Cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems is not without merit. Cloud computing can offer features and processes unavailable in on-premises solutions. Cloud CRM can help you make the best use of your data. It allows you access to the newest technologies. It integrates seamlessly with familiar and indispensable processes that your […]

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Dynamics 365 Enhanced Email

Enhanced Email or Not With the Wave 1 2020 release, Microsoft rolled out an option called "Enhanced Email". This feature updates the current email experience in Dynamics 365. However, it only updates the experience from the timeline. So, you will need to decide if the enhanced email experience is right for you or not. I […]

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Provide Seamless Customer Service with Case Management in Dynamics 365

Most of us have experienced the all to familiar situation of having to explain our problem over and over again to numerous support people. If only your issue was recorded the FIRST time you call so you weren’t stuck repeating the same thing. With Case Management in Dynamics 365, a case is started at the […]

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User experience Made Easier With Enhanced Filtering in Dynamics 365!

Easily Find the information you are looking for Enhanced filtering in Dynamics 365 makes the user experience easier than ever before. Grids in the UI have been enhanced to show more data on your screen. Columns now have more filtering options including improved date filtering. Tabular data manipulation is now easier with a whole range […]

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Dynamics 365 Enhanced Filtering is Here!

Before we get started... In my prior post, I highlighted the Dynamics 365 enhanced filtering capabilities coming in the Wave 1 2020 update. So, check out that post. Then, keep reading this post as we will dive into more details. Additionally, you will need to have the Wave 1 2020 update applied. If you haven't […]

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Dynamics 365: What is Remote Assist?

Technicians working on-site, in the field, and in remote locations often come across problems which are beyond the purview of their job or their problem-solving ability. Yet, they are expected to resolve issues at the earliest and ensure there is no interruption in the part being manufactured, the line being tested and the inventory being […]

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Improve Forecasting with Dynamics 365 For Sales 2020 Release Wave 1

If your business is sales, your number one asset is your customers. And customer satisfaction will determine your ultimate success or failure. There are many philosophies and many tools promoting sales efficiency, and in a competitive marketplace, it’s vital to choose the tools that add value and efficiency to your business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for […]

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