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Biztech Consulting & Solutions's Logo 4 Must Have Features On-field Sales Team Will Use Daily

Managing from the office or being out meeting clients, none of this is easy without a location mapping tool. Location mapping tools simplify the sales team's life, and this article […]

Biztech Consulting & Solutions's Logo How Map Plugin is Beneficial to Dynamics 365 Users

Businesses with on-field sales teams use a mapping tool that helps them visualize their clients on maps. Mapping tools allow you to make territories based on your strategies. Territory management […]

Biztech Consulting & Solutions's Logo 6 Ways to Boost Sales Performance With a CRM Mapping Tool

  Technology has simplified data processing in every possible way. Location data is one of the most important ways to improve sales performance. Sales teams can make the best use […]

Biztech Consulting & Solutions's Logo How Sales Territory Optimization Can Benefit a Business

For a rapidly growing business, sales territories outgrow boundaries all the time. If your current boundaries are not growing, it is time to re-evaluate the whole structure and improve strategies […]

Biztech Consulting & Solutions's Logo How Route Optimization Can Help Your Sales Team

Did you know? An average sales rep travels almost 2000 miles per month. Considering current gas prices, it leads to a huge amount for a company to pay for all […]

Biztech Consulting & Solutions's Logo 5 Ways How a Mapping Tool Can Make Sales Manager’s Work Easier

Apart from increasing sales numbers, sales managers have a lot of other tasks that help them reach their goals. Massive organizations prefer to divide sales regions into territories. Each territory […]

Biztech Consulting & Solutions's Logo 4 Industries That Can Benefit from Dynamics 365 Mapping Plugin

Time is money, but timing is everything! In June 2022, customers' luggage was stuck at the airport due to some technical failure at Heathrow Airport. The photos surfacing on the […]


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