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Connecting Software's Logo The Challenges of Dynamics 365 Document Management and SharePoint Security

As a technical advisor at Connecting Software and a software engineer since 1997, I’ve witnessed significant advancements in Dynamics document management and Microsoft document management solutions. At Connecting Software, we […]

Inogic's Logo Simplifying Attachment Management and Reducing Storage Costs in Dynamics 365 CRM with exciting New Features in Attach2Dynamics!

  Attach2Dynamics has brought about a significant transformation for users of Dynamics 365 CRM. It seamlessly integrates CRM with well-known cloud storage platforms such as SharePoint, Azure Blob Storage, and […]

Connecting Software's Logo 3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Keeping Your Attachments in Dynamics 365

If you have been using Dynamics for a while, you are likely aware that Dynamics 365 email attachments can quickly eat up your storage space. This becomes especially relevant when […]

Inogic's Logo Attach2Dynamics Or SharePoint Security Sync - Choose your smart app for effective document management in Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps.

Document management lets users manage common document types, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and create folders to save and manage those documents. However, when it comes to document management, […]

Connecting Software's Logo Get ready! Top Dynamics 365 Trends Coming your Way in 2021

2020. A year we will remember. A year that was not quite as we expected it to be - to say the least!  Still, the Earth keeps spinning, the software […]

Connecting Software's Logo Can You Boost CRM Technology Acceptance and User Adoption?

User adoption of new technology has been an issue for as long as technology exists. Software is no exception. Organizations deploy new software hoping it will have a big (positive) […]

Inogic's Logo Document/Attachment Management limitations within Dynamics 365 and how to overcome them!

Dynamics 365 CRM unlocks the abilities of organizations to do more with their data. From customer engagement to document storage and management, Dynamics 365 has got it all. However, no […]

Connecting Software's Logo 3 Document Management Tips to Boost Security and Performance in Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 users end up having it as part of their daily routine and infrastructure. All kinds of valuable information are in there and Dynamics easily becomes crucial for […]

Connecting Software's Logo 5 Smart Ways to Make Dynamics 365 Work Better for You

Your Dynamics 365 is already doing many things for you. But software developers are here for you to make it work even better. Check our suggestions on how you can […]

Connecting Software's Logo What can I do to Reduce my Dynamics 365 Storage Costs?

Sooner or later, all organizations reach the free storage limit of Dynamics 365. In this post, we will examine possible ways of dealing with the issue of running out of […]


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