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CongruentX's Logo The Future of AI and CRM: Insights from Chris Cognetta

Author: Chris Cogentta Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI has become a buzzword in the tech industry, and for good reason. It has the potential to revolutionize the way we work and […]

CongruentX's Logo Increase your ROI with Viva Sales and DialoguePrime

Author: congruentX Viva Sales and DialoguePrime Are two innovative tools that are transforming the way sales teams operate. These platforms offer a range of features that can help sales teams […]

CongruentX's Logo Conversational AI Usage in the CRM Applications

Author: congruentX Listening to your customers is the best thing your business can do to scale up. It is human nature that they want to be listened to and seek a […]

CongruentX's Logo Unlocking Conversation Intelligence to Build Better and more Profitable Business Relationships

Author: congruentX Successful business relationships are built on trust and understanding. Learning how to effectively communicate with clients and partners is key to developing strong, long-lasting relationships. This is where conversation […]

CongruentX's Logo You Don’t Have to “Do CRM” Anymore: Introducing DialoguePrime for Viva Sales

The idea of “doing” CRM implies that something is broken, difficult, or just not enjoyable to do somewhere in your journey to win and keep customers. And who wants to […]


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