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Demo: The Business Functionality of Dynamics CRM

Download the Latest Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics 365 Webcast! Our experts demonstrated how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (CRMOL) and Office 365 forms a powerful tool to seamlessly connect information with the people and processes inside your business. This is a non-technical discussion from an executive level view. Q4 of 2016, our Business Development and Customer […]

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Webcast with CRM Expert Cheryl Balgley

Dynamics CRM  From the "Insiders" On April 23rd, NexusTek's webcast series featured Cheryl Balgley, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Acceleration Lead and Chris Corbett, Client Development Manager. Balgley's presentation brings the latest research and statistics on today's consumers' enterprise needs and where CRM fits into this rapidly changing picture. Consumer Behaviors and CRM Attendees were given current information […]

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CRM – In or Out?

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) is becoming a standard for most companies. In fact, according to Forbes, CRM is expected to grow to a $36.5 billion market worldwide within the next three years. So even if you don’t use it now, it’s likely that you will soon enough. Because frankly, if you have customers and […]

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Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Increase Lead Generation

If you are in the market for a CRM, system chances are you’re looking for a solution that can do more than just manage your contacts or remind you of appointments. Given that I’m a marketer by trade I’m going to focus on the marketing module of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for this particular blog, specifically […]

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