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Connecting Software's Logo Unleash the Power of Using External Storage for Your Dynamics 365 Attachments

  Do you still have your Microsoft Dynamics 365 attachments inside Dynamics? Given the Dynamics 365 storage pricing and the performance effects of keeping it that way, is it time to go […]

Connecting Software's Logo Getting Started with Microsoft Dataverse Integrations

  What is Dataverse? Microsoft Dataverse is the evolution of the data platform that was known as Common Data Service or CDS. As you might recall, CDS came up in […]

Connecting Software's Logo The Simplified Guide to Dynamics 365 Data Integration and Migration

    In any Microsoft Dynamics implementation, you need data. Without good data, you cannot get what you need from Dynamics or any other CRM or ERP system. But where […]

Connecting Software's Logo Connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service, SAP and Gmail | Dynamics Success Stories

    > Problem: Software integration - Dynamics / Gmail / SAP > Solution: Connect Bridge > Provider: Connecting Software and its partner in Mexico, Fesworld > Customer: Leader auto dealership in Mexico   “Our […]

Connecting Software's Logo The Future of Dynamics 365 Attachments: Our Experts Weigh In

    What can you do with all those attachments that end up in Dynamics? Our experts share their ideas. You can use Dynamics 365 for many things, and tracking […]

Connecting Software's Logo Could You Keep Your Dynamics 365 Integrations When Doing a Dynamics 365 on Premises to Cloud Migration?

  Doing a migration of Dynamics 365 on Premise to the Cloud is not as easy as it should, especially when your Dynamics on-premise instance has integrations running to other […]

Connecting Software's Logo Yes, You Can Connect Excel to SQL Server, Dynamics 365, and More

  Microsoft Excel has been around for a long time, and users love it so much that most companies have important data in Excel spreadsheets. This ubiquitous nature of Excel […]

Connecting Software's Logo Software Integration Evolution: Challenges of the Past, Present, and Future

Look at the successful enterprises around you. Don’t they all depend heavily on underlying software applications? The problem is that, as time goes by, enterprises invariably end up with software […]

Connecting Software's Logo Infographics: Learn How Huge the IT System Integration Costs Are Worldwide

In this day and age, it is not surprising that businesses around the world spend trillions of dollars on IT each year. But did you know a significant part of […]

Connecting Software's Logo How to Make an API Gateway Work to Your Advantage as a CRM Admin

  First things first: What is an API gateway? To get to what an API gateway is, we have to start with what an API is. But don’t worry: this […]


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