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The 3 C’s to Cleaning Up Your CRM Data

Whether you just implemented a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, are thinking of making the plunge, or the memory is hard to forget, data clean-up is essential to using your CRM effectively. The more accurate and relevant your data, the more tools you can leverage in your CRM system. So here are three tips to […]

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Duplicate Data Cleanup for Importing to CRM

So you have built your CRM environment to replace your legacy system and now to the data import. But wait…when reviewing your legacy data you notice that there is some bad mojo going on with duplicates. So just how do you go about cleaning up all this data before importing into CRM? Well, do not […]

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Getting the Most out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the Right Tools

As you already know, optimizing your CRM solution to fit your needs only helps you enhance your business and streamline processes. But how do you find the right tools that can help you get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM? We found one of those tools as we strolled through the Expo at Convergence […]

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Maintain Clean, Consistent CRM Data With A Few Simple Steps

You want your employees in the CRM system every day – using and adding to the information that you have worked so hard to collect and organize.  But the reality is that employees are hurried for time and sometimes take shortcuts to get their work done quickly.  They may fill in required fields with every […]

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Ten Tips To Ensure The Success Of Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Project, Right From The Very Start – Part 2

Here’s the second part of our blog giving you five more important tips about the factors you need to consider right at the start of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM project. Along with the previous five tips, this information will help you ensure you get the system successfully working for your business and delivering results as smoothly as possible.

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