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The Role of the Modern CRM Platform – Loyalty and the Customer Experience

There was a time when leads and opportunities were managed within Excel sheets, or by using simple contact management software. Sales teams reacted to customer demands and worked from a set of scripts that helped direct them to what they needed. “The bulk of B2B purchasing decisions take place before a customer contacts a supplier.” Today’s customers are much more […]

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The Necessity of Customer Service Transparency

The world of client services is transforming. As we look at the way customer support has evolved, we can see that businesses are putting more and more functions in the hands of the end consumer and providing additional visibility into the product or service. Some of us may recall the revolutionary move of FedEx in […]

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Customize CRM for YOUR Needs

CRM, Customer Relationship Management.  It certainly is a buzz phrase and now much more of a necessity than an optional management technique.  So how can you stand out with CRM if everyone has it?  Simple state, make CRM, Your CRM. As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certified Gold Partner we have helped hundreds of customers successfully […]

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Four Questions to Find Out How Important Customization is for Your CRM Software

Many experts feel customization is a crucial feature when choosing CRM software. After all, if your business doesn’t have the ability to customize its software to synch with its individual processes and workflow, the potential to increase productivity and efficiency is essentially lost. Even if you gain valuable insight into your customer information with CRM […]

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3 Steps for ReadySetGO: CRM – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training, and Basic Data Migration

For over a year, we’ve been running classroom training for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have noticed a steady increase in people interested in saving time and money by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM “out-of-the-box.”   Several of our clients have been charged with implementing Dynamics CRM in a kind of self-service model where someone has been named […]

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How To Have Fun Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM is fun.  That’s Right F U N! -  Selling it, using it, customizing it, and exploring all the possibilities!  What is fun about selling Dynamics CRM?   That answer is simple:  watching future users who have come into a demo with a preconceived notion of what a CRM has available from their days with […]

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Reduce Your Custom Development Costs and Increase Usability With xRM

By now most people have heard of the term “xRM” and how it opens up the possibility of building any application one can design.  However, a lot of businesses are still asking “what exactly is xRM and how can it work for me?"  By investing in xRM, not only will a company gain access to […]

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