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Do You Really Need CRM to Grow Your Business?

  Many companies don’t appreciate the value of a CRM system until they understand its pivotal role in closing more sales. CRM’s virtues are not always apparent unless one is intimate with the ins and outs of how business gets done in the organization. The most fundamental requirement for growing a business is having sound […]

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Construction Companies Benefit from Dynamics 365 CRM

With today’s tough economic conditions, construction companies are finding it increasingly difficult to win projects and keep up with the competition. Unless they adopt better software tools to manage their sales process they’ll continue to struggle. CRM software uses cutting-edge technology to standardize your sales process and give you valuable insight into all aspects of […]

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Quelques questions à se poser avant d’implanter le module de service de Dynamics CRM

Le service à la clientèle est un élément essentiel de toute entreprise, puisque les clients s’attendent à avoir des réponses rapides à leurs questions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM a élargi son offre avec de nouveaux outils de gestion et de planification du service à la clientèle pour justement vous permettre de dépasser les attentes de vos […]

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Questions to Ask before Implementing the Service Module in Dynamics CRM

Customer service is an essential piece to any business. Customers want prompt answers to their questions, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM has added even more customer service management and scheduling tools to their offering to ensure that you can go above and beyond your customers’ expectations. By using the service module with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you […]

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Excellence in Sales & Service Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

How many times have you been in the checkout line at your favorite store and heard, “Have you found everything you were looking for?” Many times our response is “yes”, because we are rushing through our day, but we haven’t found what we were looking for.  If you should answer this question “no”, many times […]

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Quelques questions à se poser avant d’implanter le module de ventes de Dynamics CRM

Le module de ventes est généralement l’un des premiers modules à être implanté puisque les comptes et les clients sont au cœur des affaires de toute compagnie. Comme plusieurs départements reposent sur l’information client, il y aura beaucoup de demandes et d’exigences provenant des différents secteurs de l’entreprise. Voici quelques questions que vous devriez vous […]

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Survey Says…..Another Satisfied Customer!

Your business isn't a game show, but surveys are vital as a barometer of how your organization is taking care of your customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online offers a Preferred Solution called Voice of the Customer. This is an automated customer feedback system tied to CRM. In a common customer service scenario, a customer […]

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Questions to Ask Before Implementing the Sales Module in Dynamics CRM

The sales module is typically one of the first modules that gets implemented when you are building a new CRM system since the account/customer is the heart of your business. Typically, there are several departments within your organization that rely on client information, but their requirements and needs will differ from one group to the […]

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Top 3 New Features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

The focus for the latest release for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 primarily hovers around 4 key pillars: productivity, intelligence, mobility and unified service. Microsoft sees these as the principal areas to help users become more productive in their daily activities. This latest release for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is now available for all new CRM […]

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So what about the CRM 2016 Interactive Service Hub?

One of the most interesting features of Dynamics CRM 2016 is the Interactive Service  Hub. The interactive service hub seems to be a preview of more changes to come - all for the good - for Dynamics CRM. At its heart, the interactive service hub is a separate interface for Dynamics CRM, focused solely on the […]

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