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Parature: What Is It and How Can It Help Boost Customer Satisfaction?

Ever since January when Microsoft announced it had acquired Parature, a cloud based customer service solution provider, there’s been a fair amount of speculation about what this means for Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM customer relationship management platform.  And while Dynamics CRM will certainly benefit from Microsoft’s purchase, the exact timing remains unclear.  According to a recent […]

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Discover your “Secret Weapon” with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Most companies are focused on acquiring new prospects and customers, but often forget about their most valuable asset and/or secret weapon: their current customer database! By using the data provided within Microsoft Dynamics® CRM about your current customers, you have the knowledge to leverage this secret weapon in more than one way: Sell More: In […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Industry Specific Solution

An employee benefit consulting firm servicing midsized businesses with 50 to 1,000 employees selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support their customer service operations.  Customer service is what sets this benefits administrator apart. They had been using a propriety system written in Microsoft Access, managing activity in Microsoft Outlook’s Saved Folders, and saving plan details to […]

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How to Choose Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: 6 Questions To Ask Your Customer Service Manager

Today competitive advantage increasingly depends on how organizations manage their customer relationships—and not simply on how well they design and build their products. Companies must implement strategies that enable them to be more customer-centric in a world where customer expectations will continue to escalate. This guide can help you to plan discussions with your customer […]

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