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iCepts Technology Group, Inc.'s Logo Why Some CRM Initiatives Fail

CRM Systems today are becoming more in demand and viewed as a necessary business solution to effectively manage each lead that could result in revenue.   Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems […]

iCepts Technology Group, Inc.'s Logo Why Now is the Time to Implement CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management Systems, CRM, should be a part of ever customer's business applications to maintain strong communication between your organization to your customers and prospects. When there is a […]

Stoneridge Software's Logo Streamline Your Customer and Prospect Information with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

What happens when one of your sales people leaves the company? Do all of the leads in their pipeline vanish because you don’t have the information and notes to follow […]

's Logo Extending CRM – The Best Strategy to Manage Your Business Relationships

Have you ever imagined if your customer relationship management software could not only manage customers but also other relationships across your business units? What if your CRM system could be […]


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