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Crowe's Logo How Banks Can Overcome Roadblocks to Generating Internal Referrals

Banks thrive on referrals. Not just from existing customers, but from internal referrals between departments and staff. For example, the bank teller referring a customer that made a large deposit […]

Crowe's Logo Key Takeaways: Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Benefits, Configuration and Pricing

Adding e-signature capabilities to your document workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can eliminate manual, inefficient tasks and deliver a 100% digital signing experience to your customers and partners. In this […]

Crowe's Logo 5 Questions: Can You Benefit from Case Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Case management includes the process of identifying, recording, analyzing, monitoring and resolving an information-centric work item.  It includes the collection of appropriate data, the adherence to internal processes, and the […]

Crowe's Logo A Day in the Life of a Strategic Market Manager at Crowe LLP

To be successful in the role of a Strategic Market Manager, access to data is everything. Without the proper data, you can be operational, but not strategic. Your company’s CRM […]


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