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1+1=3 with Dynamics Objects’ Add-on Solutions for Dynamics CRM

Dynamics Objects' add-on solutions to Microsoft Dynamics CRM are complementary to each other, providing CRM users that extra functionality resulting from the unique design that enables one solution (or workflow task) to act as an input for another solution or workflow task. Here are some practical examples of combined solutions to prove 1+1=3. Recurring Invoices […]

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How to Email Docs Template with Workflow in Dynamics CRM

This article assumes you have the knowledge of how to create a workflow to send an Email in Microsoft Dynamics CRM The workflow task Send Email performs two functions: create Email and Send Email. To send Docs Template as PDF attachment to an Email, we use the workflow Create Email rather than Send Email, while […]

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Dynamics Signature with CRM Workflows

In a previous post I presented the features of this smart application, Dynamics Signature. In a well-organized company, it's common practice that all CRM Users have same structure of CRM Email Signature, otherwise each user will create their own signature with different content, contact details, and different size of company logo. This can be a nightmare for an […]

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CRM Workflow: Email CRM Report as PDF Attachment

There are two ways to Email a CRM report as a PDF attachment, depending whether the CRM is online or on premise CRM On-Premise Using Dynamics Workflow you can schedule how and when the workflow will create a new Email message, and attach it to the Email  report in PDF format, using SQL Server Reporting […]

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Email “Unpaid Invoice Reminder” with Dynamics CRM Workflow

Part of 360-degree customer view in any CRM system is the custome'r invoices and whether they are paid on time.  Dynamics Objects integrates between Dynamics CRM and ERP / Accounting software, and when a new invoice is raised or a customer’s payment is allocated to unpaid invoices, the Invoice record in CRM is updated and […]

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3 Simple Steps to Make Sure Leads Are Tracked Right

Most prospects looking at a product or service will take time evaluating their options. Studies have shown that it will take at least 4 contacts to bring on board a new client, and that in 50% of the cases, the sales process will pause completely before a prospect will ultimately decide to buy. It can […]

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Dynamics Workflows: Garbage Collector, Resolve Case, Random Number

In previous posts we demonstrated how to use Dynamics workflows to sum up values in fields of child records ( In this post I will demo three new workflows: Garbage Collector One of the difficulties in identifying duplicate Account records is that there is no consistency in the way users enter the Account Name field.  […]

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Sum up the Values in Fields of Child Records – Update the Total in Parent Entity – (Part 4)

Part 3 of Dynamics Workflows described how to run a workflow that automatically modifies invoice line item and insert text based on the current date or period. (Read here……..) In this post we will show how Dynamics Workflows Stats on The Fly function can sum up the values stored in records of child entity and […]

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Dynamics Workflows – Invoice Modify (Part 3)

Part 2 of Dynamics Workflows described CRM solution to automatically create recurring invoices in CRM, using CRM products and write-in products. (Read here……..) In this post we will show how to run a workflow that automatically modifies invoice line item and insert text based on the current date or period. As an example, consider a […]

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The BONUS Benefit of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Workflow

There are many benefits when using customer relationship management (CRM) software like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM such as time savings, shortened sales cycles, and improved marketing results.  Another significant benefit is that it will build in consistency and reliability for your sales and marketing teams.  If you’re using files, spreadsheets, or disparate software programs to store […]

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