Posts Tagged ‘CRM Word Templates’'s Logo New world of work: Document generation & automation with electronic signature capabilities

The business world has changed fundamentally. Home office, virtual meetings or collaborations across national borders are now daily companions in the business environment. As a result, new demands are being placed […]'s Logo Document Generation & Delivery with a Single Click

One-Click Actions (OCAs), one of the features of DocumentsCorePack allows you to define custom document actions aligned to your business processes and needs. One-Click Actions are predefined settings for the […]

Dynamics Objects's Logo VIDEO: one click from Word Template to PDF attached to an Email

Watch it! Lightning fast One click to generated document from CRM Word Template PDF it, and attach to Email.   CLICK HERE: Download FREE Trial Version  .

Dynamics Objects's Logo Two or more Documents Attached to CRM Email using Word Templates.

There are occasions you need to Email two or more documents generated from two or more CRM Word Templates with one Email. Emailing one Email for each document, both Emailed […]

Dynamics Objects's Logo CRM Word Templates > Merge two secondary documents into a primary document

Consider having Word template for the Order Entity, and you wish to insert / merge it with a Word Template for Quote and for Opportunity, to generate one document from […]


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