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Should You Upgrade or Reimplement Your CRM Solution?

There are two different ways to improve your current CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution: upgrade or reimplementation. You might assume that the end results of the two paths will be the same. But there is a distinction.  Choosing the best path based on your organization’s processes and goals can make a big difference. CRM Reimplementation Reimplementation refers […]

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Stand By To Schedule Your Dynamics 365 v9.0 Update!

Microsoft has confirmed it will shortly commence the scheduling process for upgrading instances of Dynamics 365 to Version 9.0. v9 was rolled out in the closing months of 2017 for new instances of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft is now preparing its customer driven update that will invite system admins to run their V9 upgrade from February 2018. During January, administrators should […]

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Hate CRM? Don’t Blame the Housekeeper.

“I hate CRM.” That’s what a Microsoft Dynamics CRM client (I’ll call him Sam) recently told me, his voice rife with frustration. “I used to love it. But now I hate it.” What happened?  Why does Sam hate a tool that was designed to make his business better? What happened is that Microsoft implemented some […]

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The 3 Worst Reasons For Not Upgrading Your CRM

In talking with sales managers and operations people interested in a new CRM solution, we often hear reasons why they would like to upgrade their CRM solution but cannot. Certainly, many of those reasons are sound – they may be required to use a certain type of sales force automation software, or perhaps they have […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 to Better Align Sales and Marketing

With its next product release, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is fully-equipped with tools and capabilities to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. When sales and marketing teams are better aligned, the focus on the customer is strengthened, resulting in a stronger customer engagement. Check out highlights of the new release, slated to be available […]

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Why Upgrade Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software? My Top 3 Reasons

#1 – Monetary Investment You made a significant investment in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system because you recognized not just the need for a system to manage your sales, marketing and service, but also because you recognized the value. Now, you own it. Just like you own a home. I’m a homeowner and I can […]

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CRM 2013 Frequently Asked Questions Update #1

About six weeks ago, I wrote a popular blog post entitled, “Major Dynamics CRM Update Coming This Fall: CRM 2013 Frequently Asked Questions.  As the title suggests, it covers many of the common questions we’d gotten about this upcoming release.  If you missed that post or would like to revisit it, you can find it […]

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Major Dynamics CRM Update Coming This Fall: CRM 2013 Frequently Asked Questions

Last week Microsoft announced it will be releasing the next major upgrade to Dynamics CRM (CRM 2013) this fall.  And while upgrades of this nature are very exciting because they generally signal significant improvements in the software’s features and functionality, we know that current users as well as those who are evaluating whether Dynamics CRM […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade, or Re-Implementation?

We recently had a Dynamics CRM client with a mature CRM 4.0 deployment move to a brand new start up. They needed to transition their entire on-premise CRM 4.0 setup over to Dynamics CRM 2011 online (complete with new reporting servers, new Active Directory (Office 365), etc.) They decided upon a re-implementation, based on what's […]

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A Big Thumbs Up for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Partner Readiness Roadshow – First-Rate Features and Customization Capabilities, Plus an Excellent Upgrade Path from CRM 4.0

CRM product specialists from Microsoft are touring the country and providing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Partner Readiness Roadshow to get their resellers up to speed on the beta release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  Our CRM and SharePoint team attended the roadshow at Microsoft’s offices in Southfield, Michigan, and I asked them to share […]

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