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Improve Revenue with Better Visibility to Lead Stages

As the buying process adapts to meet changing technology, consumers today are spending more and more time interacting with marketing. This places a heavy burden on your marketing team as they are the face and voice of your organization who bring in leads for sales. This is why it is critical for your sales and […]

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Leverage Your CRM for Success – Monthly Executive Series

Running a business is about more than just surviving – it is about succeeding.  For many organizations, Dynamics CRM has not been seen as a useful tool in that effort.  InfoGrow intends on changing that view starting from the top. You invested in Dynamics CRM so it would become one of the primary tools that […]

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3 Tips for Managing Your Sales Team During A Slow-Down

In the ebb and flow of business, there are busy times and slow-downs.  If you are currently in one of the busy times, trying to wrap up your fiscal year and close business, then one of the slow-downs may be right around the corner. As a sales manager, you have a tough job, no matter […]

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