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How CRM with Outlook Can Boost Efficiency

Modern business technologies today are designed and fitted with the capabilities for multiple systems to work together. Technology advances have made it possible for business applications to work together with other business applications which result in dramatic increase in efficiencies. One of the most widely used and popular business technologies is Microsoft Outlook for email […]

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Why Now is the Time to Implement CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management Systems, CRM, should be a part of ever customer's business applications to maintain strong communication between your organization to your customers and prospects. When there is a national crisis or economic downturn, a natural reaction is for companies not to consider investing in technology such as a new  business initiative to implement […]

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CRM Adoption 2017 Survey

CRM Adoption 2017 There is no denying CRM solutions are a substantial investment for the average company. As CRM software development begins to focus more on the user experience, adoption rates have increased dramatically. As well, cloud technology has taken CRM, what was once considered an enterprise solution, and leveled the playing field to make […]

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Manual Processes vs. Automation In CRM

Before today’s impressive business technology, sales departments did everything manually.  People actually answered phones attached to the wall with cords, wrote notes on paper, and processed orders and payments by hand.  Sure, these manual processes worked back then, but that doesn’t mean these manual processes can make it in this fast-paced marketplace. With the evolution […]

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It’s 3:00 AM. Do You Know What Your Sales Pipeline Velocity Is?

Of all the things sales managers lose sleep over, pipeline velocity may be one of the least well defined. Out of the box, most CRM applications are pretty good at pipeline snapshots: what’s expected to close this month, next month, and so forth. But they usually aren’t so good at telling you how fast deals […]

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How to Keep Unrealistic Deadlines from Sinking Your CRM Deployment

You’re under intense pressure by senior management to launch a new customer relationship management (CRM) system in time for the busy holiday sales season. However, based on experience, you know there’s not enough time to implement the solution by that deadline. What should you do? Most employees in this scenario would be apprehensive about pushing […]

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With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, The ‘C’ In CRM Stands For…. Cat Relationship Management??!!!

Traditionally the ‘C’ in ‘CRM’ stands for Customer. But CRM applications, and in particular Microsoft Dynamics CRM, have evolved in to much more than applications that just manage customers. That’s why the term ‘xRM’ or ‘Anything Relationship Management’ is a better description of what Microsoft Dynamics CRM does.

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