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Engage Customers On The Right Channels At The Right Time

In this new digital era, there are many different ways to provide information, share promotional materials, or otherwise engage prospects and customers.  Customers have a preference for how they want to be reached, whether it be by email, instant messaging, social media, or by phone.  Improve your customers’ experience by engaging them on the channels […]

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Ready to get out of the office? Serve customers on the road with CRM

Some of your employees do their best work outside of the office. Sales representatives and customer service teams need to spend time with customers and be able to answer questions, take orders, and fulfill customer needs on-the-spot – not wait until they make it back to the office. Strengthen the connection between mobile workers and […]

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Improve Customer Service With Proactive Customer Response

One of the quickest ways to frustrate a customer is to put them on hold or transfer them to another representative.  If you can’t answer their questions on the spot and be responsive to their needs, they are going to look for a business that can.  Connect your people with the right data by using […]

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Getting The Basics Down Right To Turn More Leads Into Customers

A business’s online presence is the modern version of ‘getting your foot in the door’.  As soon as a prospect takes a look at your website, decisions are being made in mere moments.  Get the basics right online and a look can become a lead.  It’s what you do next that defines whether a lead […]

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Improve Customer Satisfaction And Develop Customer Loyalty With CRM

Customer satisfaction has never been more important than it is right now in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace.  Learn how to satisfy your customers and develop deep customer loyalty by integrating a customer relationship management (CRM) solution with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. In order to provide superior customer satisfaction, your sales and […]

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