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What happened to CRM user satisfaction?

The satisfaction with CRM systems is decreasing, according to the study "CRM in Practice - User Satisfaction, Benefits and Perspectives 2019/2020 " from Trovarit (published in German CRM in der Praxis – Anwenderzufriedenheit, Nutzen & Perspektiven 2019/2020).   A total of 669 CRM executives were interviewed between April and June this year. They reported on how […]

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2011 Trends: Microsoft’s Direction with Dynamics CRM

A recent analyst event hosted by Microsoft gave many opportunities to get a feel for Microsoft's direction on where they intend to take the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product line. While there were no sweeping announcements, the trends point to a supported push in cloud computing and further positive results from Microsoft's partner program. Despite the […]

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Top Ten CRM Software Blog Posts for 2010

What topics are CRM buyers interested in?  Take a look at the Top 10 CRM Software Blog posts for 2010. 1.        Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 vs. Why Microsoft is the better investment 9002 views | 9 Comments | May 17, 2010 by Ryan Plourde, AbleBridge With the advent of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 right […]

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